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You will find here all the utilities needed to run PS Cds on your PC and you can download all PS1 and PS2 Emulators you will be on your way to have a fun.

Emulators help you to emulate or let you create that virtual environment which your desired game need. For example if you are using Xbox emulator then this emulator would create same environment as if the CD is running inside Xbox.

That is why you can have fun on your PC and it does not matter which CD you have, whether it is PS, PS2 or Xbox. Just have fun with all of them below.


Play Station 1 Emulators:

This is a place where you will get all popular PS emulators for download. The most popular emulator which specially I would recommend you is VGS, virtual game station. Because it runs most of the games.

Then the other most popular PS emulator is PSXEven which is most compatible emulator reported by our visitors as it runs most of the CDs.

PS emulators do no require very high requirements and can be easily run on PII or PIII CPU's at least.

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PS2 Emulators:

Since PS2 became popular people became more and more demanding for PS2 emulators for playing PS2 CDs that is why we thought to fulfill thier desires and added a section which contains a lot of PS2 emulators to download at no cost.

The most and most popular PS2 Emulator downloaded is PCSX2 and its developers are really working hard to make it more and more better than ever but as you know exceptions always exists.

There is one more good PS2 emulator is in developing stage is Neutrino SX2 which can run many demo games however.

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