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PCSX2 - PS2 Emulator Download






PCSX2 is the most popular PS2 Emulator for download which does not only run demos but as well as many of the PS2 commercial games.

This is gamer's favorite PS2 emulator and currently mostly used.

Here is message from its author:

" Well I will try to catch up some questions. First of all pcsx2 don't run Ps2 games yet! And of course it is far from doing this. So pcsx2 don't run GT3, get it? :) So what pcsx2 is? pcsx2 is a try to emulate sony's beast. Of course it isn't so easy as it might seems. So far you can consider pcsx2 as a develop tool although  I suggest don't use pcsx2 as a tool for writing your ps2dev stuff :). Consider the opinion that pcsx2 have bugs and we wrote this emu by reverse engineering ps2 demos that might  have bugs too :) Hope you enjoy pcsx2.."

But you do not worry in thier latest version they have improved alot and nothing can be decided until you try it.




Below is a link provided where you can download all tools and plug-ins with main program file and a lot more.


File License Platform Size Home
PCSX2 Freeware Windows N/A  View homepage 


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